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Art Monaco

Highly anticipated annual art fair

Art enthusiasts and those lusting after luxury are invited to satiate their palettes at one of the most opulent global art shows to grace the French Riviera!

In the wonderful setting of Monaco, this art fair adds even more culture and creativity to the place that is already known as the "playground for the rich and famous". Featuring artists from around the globe and set within both established and emerging galleries, this fair offers a truly rounded and exclusive experience to all who attend.

"Attracting art galleries, cultural institutions, art critics and collectors, Art Monaco has exceeded expectations and impressed those in attendance since its début event in 2008. Offering over 4,000 art pieces on display for exhibition and sale, this is a prime opportunity to immerse oneself into a rich collection of global art either as admirer or as purchaser."


  • Chapiteau Fontvieille
Map of the surrounding area