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What to see in Monaco

Discover the top Monaco 'must see' sights and attractions


There are a wealth of places to visit in Monaco, from top class art museums to the Prince's Palace, the harbour to the world famous casino, and not forgetting the beautiful hilltop towns and villages that lie in the surrounding area.

Thanks to the varied history of Monaco, you will find examples of expensive villas and amazing architecture to art, glamour and the now towering skyscrapers. 

Monaco is home to a vibrant arts scene as evidenced by the number of excellent art galleries and museums found throughout. Historical art collections as well as contemporary can be seen across the region, and not forgetting of course those artists who were resident in the area such as Picasso, Signac, Matisse and Renoir.

Castles & Ruins

Aside from the fantastic Prince's palace which takes centre stage in Monaco and is in fact still the grand residence of the Prince of Monaco and his family, you will also find the 18th century Fort Antoine. now converted into an open air theatre, a performance here is a real treat if you can catch one.

Caves & Rocks

A highlight of the Jardin Exotique is without a doubt the grotto, or cave, that sits beneath it. Steps plunge hundreds of feet downwards inside the mountain, which has all the usual stalagmites and stalagtites and culminates in a large atmospherically lit cavern.

Churches & Cathedrals

The Eglise Sainte-Devote sits surrounded by towering rock, tall buildings and numerous roads that go around, over and in front of it. A real sign of how quickly the principality has developed has expanded at a dramatic rate.

Museums & Galleries

One of the most fascinating museums to visit in Monaco is the Oceanographic Museum. Not only a great museum but also showcasing one of the best aquariums with a unique marine collection. The perfect family activity in Monaco as the displays are informative, educational and great fun for kids.

This being Monaco, there is of course a museum completed dedicated to automobiles, and not only the fast Formula One types! The collection was started by Prince Rainier III who was a huge car enthusiast and the vehicles range from the earliest models, through the classics and right up to the modern day cars.

Nature Reserves & Parks

Despite being incredibility built up and squeezing an incredible 36,371 people into a space of only 2.02 squared km, there is actually a surprising amount of green space in Monaco and several really beautiful parksThe botanical gardens offer a wonderful selection of plants and exotic succulents that thrive in the Mediterranean climate. The perfect place for a morning walk or an afternoon stroll away from the hustle and bustle of city living. 

Shops & Boutiques

There are all the luxurious and designer shops you could wish for in Monaco, sitting on its Golden Square, or Cercle d'Or. As in Paris and Milan, here you will find all the haute couture designers.