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F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2020 bookings

How to book for the F1 Grand Prix on May 21st-24th 2020

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Each May, the streets of Monaco are taken over with the unmistakable hum of Formula One cars and the smell of burning rubber as the Monaco Grand Prix comes to town.

Widely considered to be one of the most prestigious races in the world, the Monaco circuit is famous across the globe for being a closed-road race right in the heart of this millionaire's playground. The narrow course is laid out in the streets of Monte-Carlo and across Monaco with tight corners, a tunnel and elevation changes that make it one of the most demanding tracks in Formula One.

Get ready to have an unforgettable experience at the 2020 edition.

How to get there

F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2019 bookings

Flying to Monaco
Without a doubt, the easiest way to get to Monaco is to arrive at the international airport situated just 30km away, in the city of Nice. With numerous international and European flights landing here every day, you would be hard pushed not to find a convenient flight to suit your needs – have a look at our flight finder to find the right one for you.

Once you have arrived in Nice, the regular 30-minute train service that runs between the airport and the Nice Saint Augustin train station, where there are several regular trains to Monaco, means that you don't even need to consider an airport transfer or a taxi. However, if you prefer the comfort and ease that they provide then there are certainly plenty available. Of course, there is always the option of a helicopter transfer, which is quicker and far more stylish. Azur Helicopters run a helicopter shuttle service that takes just seven minutes to fly from Nice airport to Monaco.

Driving to Monaco
If you were considering driving here, then you should remember that parking will be challenging during the four-day event. Check with your accommodation in advance to see if parking is available.

Train to Monaco
Another quick and convenient way to get to Monaco is by train. The main station of Monaco/Monte-Carlo is connected to the rest of France via the SNCF train network, with the TGV (France's high-speed rail service) running daily, directly from Paris.

Sailing to Monaco
To truly experience the glitz and glamour of Monaco F1 Grand Prix, arriving by private yacht is possibly the best entrance you could make. Plus you have the advantage of coming with your own accommodation.

How to Get to Monaco

Where to stay

Fairmont Monte Carlo

Hotels in Monaco
Formula One is a global sport and the Monaco Grand Prix is, without a doubt the most popular race of the year so you will need to book well in advance for boutique or luxury hotels close to the action. Some 200,000 people will be in town for the event and that's not including the drivers, teams and general event support staff, so rooms will be charged at a premium, especially those in the heart of the principality and those hotels that line the circuit. A suite overlooking the track could cost more than €17,000 for four nights, which is usually the minimum number of nights you can book on race weekend.

Hotels in the surrounding area
Staying in the neighbouring town of Menton or nearby city of Nice could be a good option for more affordable accommodation. Buses run regularly between the towns, as does the train, so travel will be relatively easy. There are also night buses that run until 03:00 or 04:00, should you want to party at night and rub shoulders with the stars.

Yacht charter
If you have some cash to splash, then you may wish to consider hiring a yacht and mooring in the Monaco marina or at one of the neighbouring ports. You will not only have sorted your transport to Monaco and your accommodation in one fail swoop but you will also have a venue in which to host yourself a private F1 party. Applications for berths need to be in months in advance.

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Booking tickets

F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2019 bookings

General admission tickets allow you to enter the area around the track and certain areas where standing or seated room has been designated for viewing the race. Tickets to the grandstands on race day vary between €70 and €650, depending on the day, the position of the grandstand and the views of the race on offer. Admission to Le Rocher hill, overlooking a big screen, comes in at €30 and it is recommended to be there early to get a good spot – remember to take a chair or padded seat, comfortable clothes and snacks. Tickets can be purchased on the Formula One website.

Best places to watch the Monaco Grand Prix

F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2019 bookings

Hotel balconies
Some of the best views of the race are from apartment and hotel balconies, such as the Fairmont Monte-Carlo hotel which sits on the famous hairpin. The Fairmont VIP terrace is a popular spot and costs from €10,500 for a fully catered four-night experience with buffet lunch – there are also cheaper packages such as the 'Hairpin View Package' which include one night in a Hairpin view room or a Grand Prix suite from around €450. Many hotels and residents cash in on the birds-eye views of the race, so be prepared to pay over the odds for a room or a balcony with a view during this time. Check out hotels on the circuit for VIP deals, such as the Hotel de Paris in Place du Casino or the Port Palace hotel overlooking the harbour.

On the street
A popular area, where you pay a general admission fee of between €50 and €160 (depending on the day) and stand to watch the race pass, is the Avenue JF Kennedy, between the 'Nouvelle Chicane' and 'Tabac corner'. Great views and a cluster of restaurants make this area a good spot to base yourself for the day. Try to get a terrace table and enjoy a long, lazy lunch during the race.

From the sea
If a yacht in the marina within 5 metres of the circuit is out of your budget, then consider chartering a smaller yacht for the day and anchor outside of the port. At anchor, you can get a glimpse of the cars as they round Portier and make their way into the infamous tunnel. Chances are the plasma TV onboard will give you the best view of the race in style and comfort, whilst still getting the full experience of the GP, including the atmosphere and the noise of the cars; and you can always take the tender ashore to access the port and the town.

Alternatively, get to know the right people and you may well find yourself at a VIP party on a superyacht, rubbing shoulders with Richard Branson, or spraying champagne over the winners at the after-party.

Where to party

La Rascasse Monaco

To be honest, just about anywhere in Monaco during the Grand Prix is 'the place to be'. However, there are a few classic haunts that you mustn't miss while you're in town. The two hot tickets in town will doubtless be La Rascasse and the Amber Lounge.

Amber Lounge
The Amber Lounge hosts the F1 Driver Post Race Party, which is the most anticipated night of the weekend on Sunday from 22:30. This is where the stars of Formula One rub shoulders with royalty and VIPs from around the world, away from the eyes of the media. There will also be VIP race viewings, a F1 Driver Fashion Show, charity events and much more.

La Rascasse
The Rascasse is situated in the port, down amongst the superyachts, and is named after the famous Rascasse bend on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. The terrace offers a premium view of the circuit and allows you to party until dawn.

Private parties
Many businesses and multinationals will use this event as an opportunity to thank their clients, network and to generally schmooze the rich and famous of Monte-Carlo. Maybe your company will be hosting a party? If not, then make sure you chat up the right people to get an invite or two. These parties are generally hosted on yachts or on the balconies of the grand hotels and are sure to draw the A-list celebrities in.

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If you can tear yourself away from the screeching brakes and burning rubber of the Grand Prix, then there are plenty of other things to see and do in Monaco. When you need a break and to refuel then don't forget to check our selection of Monaco restaurants and cafes.

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